Ammar Shah


Several stints of entrepreneurial experience in various verticals: ALAF Digital (IT & Marketing Services), Buniyaad Tech (B2B Retail Marketplace), The Broskies Cafe (Fast Food), The Rush (Publishing & Online Media) & several other smaller startups.

I’ve spent years obsessed with tech and finding the most creative ways to use them. Experienced in seeing products through their complete lifecycle, from ideation to design to development to launch.

10+ years of engineering experience (since 2012), with 6+ years spent in the service industry delivering digital experiences and products.

4+ years of almost exclusive B2B Marketing experience in warehousing and logistics, textile, consulting, finance & others. Performance Marketing experience with B2B Lead Generation & eCommerce sales using paid media. SEO and Content Marketing campaigns for SaaS & Service Consultancy companies.

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